Nopal Cactus Nutrients and Health Benefits

Nopal Cactus Nopalea OpuntiaIf you have been in Mexico for about a week or more, then you most likely heard of, seen, or even tried their very popular meals with Nopales. These meals could consist of Meat with Nopales, Eggs with Nopales, Tacos with Nopales, or a salad that is made with Nopal Cactus. Nopales must be prepared properly to make sure that all of the Glochids, Spines, and the Outer Layer are removed prior to eating or even cooking.

Nopal Cactus is also know to have names like Fruit of Prickly Pears, Cactus Fruit, Cactus Fig, Indian Fig, Tuna, Opuntia, Nopalitos, Nopalea, or Paddle Cactus. Nopal or Opuntia contains a large number of species which are sometimes hard to tell apart from each other. People from around the world use Opuntia or Nopal Cactus for Medical purpouses, Food, Decorations, Cultural purposes, Dye uses, and even for Construction purpouses. The Nutrients in a cup (149 grams) of Cooked without salt Nopales are: Continue reading