Loquat Nutrients and Health Benefits

Loquats - Loquat Fruit

Today we’ll do a little research on Loquats. Loquat is sometimes called as Chinese plum, Japanese plum, Japanese medlar, or its Binomial name is Eriobotrya japonica. Loquat is a fruit that grows on a small evergreen tree or on an large evergreen shrub. Loquat plant can sometimes grow up to 10 meters (or 33 feet) tall. Loquat leaves are dark green and have a leathery texture. When the Loquat tree flowers bloom their sweet aroma can be smelled from a good distance. Loquat fruit is sweeter when it gets softer and orange in color. According to some people Loquats have a similar taste to peaches, mango, and citrus mixed together.

Some people enjoy Loquats in fruit salads, in pies, in tarts, in jams, as jellies, in chutneys, as canned, or fresh by itself. In Chinese medicine Loquats are very popular for soothing soar throats, digestive system, and respiratory system. These fruits are often used in cough drops or syrups for medicinal purposes. The Nutrients in one cup (or 149 grams) of cubed raw Loquats are: Continue reading

Dates Fruit Nutrients and Health Benefits

Dates Fruits.

Have ever heard of a fruit called Date? Not as time date, but Date as a name of an actual fruit. I’ve never heard of these fruits until recently some of friends and family started talking about them and even letting me try some. Their taste, look, and feel somewhat reminds me of raisins only in a tripled or quadrupled size. Dates have an elongated shape. Continue reading

How Natural Energy Drinks Work

Monavie Natural Energy DrinkNatural energy drinks are currently bursting in popularity. The are growing so popular that it seems as if it won’t be very long before all energy drinks will be labeled as natural in one way or another. These types of drinks are especially popular with the types of people who enjoy taking supplements for the health and well being.

One of the biggest reasons that these natural energy drinks have become so popular is the fact that they are seen as being safer than the artificial alternatives. At the same time, they are promoted as being healthy for the person who takes them, so they are more appealing to naturalists. People who take advantage of a natural energy drink are not only getting a boost of energy, they are also receiving the health benefits of the herbal extracts and vitamins that may be present in the drink, depending on the type of natural energy drink that it is. Continue reading

Barley Soup Recipe

Barley Grain in SoupBarley is pretty healthy so I’d recommend to try to use it in your meals from time to time. If you want to find out the Nutrients and Benefits of Barley then just click on THIS LINK to go see my older post about that topic. Anyway, there are lots of recipes and ideas on how to prepare Barley or how to make different kinds of meal with Barley. In this post I would like to tell you how to make a soup with Barley. It is totally up to you of course on how many ingredients or what ingredients you want to use, but I’ll just let you know one of the unique recipes that people have these days for barley soups. Some people prefer to presoak Barley overnight, but some don’t want to do that so we’ll just have to cook it a little longer. If you follow this recipe in the order I write it then you should be able to accomplish it without any problems. Continue reading

Just a Yummy Pizza Recipe

Pizza is something like a baked open-faced pie that consists of a thin layer of dough topped with your favorite sauce, vegetables, and cheese. Hmmm, that makes me hungry and it makes my mouth water. Store bought pizzas are not too bad, but home baked pizza is awesome, or home baked healthy and organic pizza is even better. There are lots and lots of Pizza recipes on the internet, because people have different tastes, ovens, and ingredients. Well I found a Pizza recipe that I like, and mix matched with some other ingredients, and then test cooked some, and now I was able to come up with this unique and delicious Pizza recipe (with God’s help and blessings). You can try following my Recipe with my Ingredients, or you can change the kind of flour that you want to use, like you could use two cups of whole wheat flour and one and a half cups of all-purpose flour, but whatever flour you will mix in, make sure that you equal to three and a half cups total of flour. You can also replace the honey with other honey or sugars. The salt can be changed to sea salt or iodized sea salt or some other salt. Also, you can replace the olive oil with any of your favorite oils. Also, this recipe is for hand work and not some bread machine work. Ok, lets get started.
Pizza Dough Ingredients: Continue reading

FoodFacts Review

food facts dot comDid you ever wonder if what you see on the Nutrition Facts Data Table, which is usually located on the back of food products, has everything, and I mean EVERYTHING that it is suppose to have? Well, many people do, and you probably do too, since I just brought up this topic. You probably also know that internet is full of junk websites that are full of adds and commercials, or websites that are full of Lies because they are just trying to sell you something. At the same time you can still find awesome, real, honest, helpful, and unique websites. But to find them you either need to spend lots of you own precious time searching for them or you need someone to recommend them to you. Well, we are going to recommend an awesome, real, honest, helpful, and unique website to you right now. FoodFacts.COM Yep, that is the website that you should browse through, because it can really help you see what is really in the Nutrition Facts Data Table of those food groceries that you buy very often at a usual grocery store. Also, FoodFacts provides an exhaustive research of many ingredients for lots of different every day foods, just click on Ingredient Glossary Button in your Tool Panel after you log in. If you have any food allergies and sensitivities then you should most definitely go and see how this Website can really help you choose the right foods faster and easier, at the same time it can help you learn from which foods you should stay away from to prevent any health problems that may come up from eating or drinking the ingredients that you weren’t suppose to. Before you jump in and try searching for some of the items and not find them, I’ll just tell you right now, they do not provide every food in the world and in every single store in United States, that would be impossible, but they still provide you with extremely huge database of many other foods that you see in stores and probably buy from time to time. After you log in and do a search with that very top search tool, you will see that on the left side there is a little sign with a message “Contains items from your avoid list:” and then it lists the items that you chose to avoid when you first opened your account with FoodFacts.com Another good reason to use this site because lets say you are making a shopping list for a recipe or just to stack up your refrigerator, but you want to know right NOW what some of those items contain in them, well… :) you got that right, FoodFacts.COM is where you should go right away. There are lots more of other fun and useful things that this website provides us with, so I’d recommend to go and check it out for yourself, I believe you’ll love it.

Arugula Nutrients and Benefits

arugulaHave you heard of a Green Leaf Vegetable called Arugula? I haven’t until today. Arugula is also called Rocket, Rucola or Eruca Sativa. This Vegetable is considered an annual plant. Many people use it as a normal green leaf vegetable. Arugula Vegetable can be used in salads, on top of pizza, with pasta, or in soups. Also, keep in mind, that any overdose of any food, vitamin or supplement can lead to serious health problems. So, make sure that you know for sure how much of what ingredient you should add to your diet. Here is the Ingredients that you can get from about a half cup or 10 grams of Raw Arugula:
– Vitamin A
– Vitamin B2, Riboflavin
– Vitamin B9, Folate
– Vitamin C
– Vitamin K
– Calcium
– Iron
– Magnesium
– Phosphorus
– Potassium
– Manganese
– Natural Fats
– Dietary Fiber
– Protein
– Calories

There is a good list of Benefits also for this Arugula vegetable:
– Helps regulate cholesterol levels
– Helps regulate blood sugar levels
– Supports weight loss
– Helps prevent constipation
– Reduces chance of Hemorrhoids
– Reduces Excess Bleeding
– Reduces Chances of Osteoporosis
– Helps reduce nausea for pregnant women
– Helps reduce vomiting for pregnant women
– Support healthy eyesight
– Helps protect from viral infections
– Helps protect from Free Radical damage
– Reduces chances of some cancers
– Improves wound healing
– Support Lung health
– Reduces chances of frequent colds

Health dangers of Sodas, Soft Drinks, Cola, Pop

cola popMany people really like to drink carbonated cola, pop, soda, or soft drink. An honest dentist will tell you to stay away from dark sweet pop, because it destroys and demineralizes the enamel which protects our teeth. Did you know that some teenagers drink as many as twelve pop cans per day, sounds like someone is addicted. Did you know that sugar is considered a drug and that is why people get so addicted to sweets and not only to pop. The carbonated cola drinks extremely promote aging. Most of the soda pop provides very lethal, toxic, poisonous, and venomous effects for our bodies. Did you know that because of the high sugar levels in soft drinks the studies linked obesity, osteoporosis, toth decay, and heart diseases to these harmful drinks. Just remember this, drinking pop soft drinks extremely promotes many kinds of diseases in your body because it destroys your immune system, and we all know that the immune system is like our body’s shield from most or even all of the diseases out there. So if you destroy your body shield then you will start getting sick a lot more often from very simple and little colds, flu, bacterias, and other dangerous free radicals. An average carbonated cola, or pop, or soda, or soft drink contains these ingredients:
– Carbohydrates
– Water
– Caffeine (dangerous)
– Fluoride (deadly)
– Sugar (dangerous)
– Calories

Dangers of High Fructose Corn Syrup – HFCS

hfcsHigh Fructose Corn Syrup is a very sneaky and silent killer, it can also be called fructose, or Corn Syrup, or Corn Starch, or HFCS. High Fructose Corn Syrup is an extremely refined liquid that is obtained from the corn starch. Big companies that use it really like it because it is a very cheap sweetener and it has a very long shelf life. Hmmm… that really looks like somebody is really into money and they don’t even care about your health issues. The Products that can contain High Fructose Corn Syrup are:
– Juices
– Candies
– Cookies
– Soft drinks (pop, sodas)
– Gums
– Cakes
– Sweets
– Ice Cream
– Sauces
– Salad Dressings
– Chips
– Junk Food
– Cereals
– Cough Syrups
– Soups
– Jams

Next you go shopping for anything just make sure to read the ingredients part on the label. The Dangers, Threats, and Hazards of eating or drinking HFCS are:
– Obesity
– Overweight
– Cancer
– Destruction of the immune system
– Risk of Diabetes
– Makes you think that you are hungry
– Increases Bad Cholesterol Levels
– Risk of Heart Diseases

I also found this article that supports my negative point of view on HFCS and it is called High Fructose Corn Syrup will kill you.

Maple Syrup Nutrients and Benefits

maple syrupDid you know that there is another Natural and Good Sweetener Available besides Honey. Well, that other sweetener is called Maple Syrup. Make sure that when you go to the store to buy it, the label says pure Maple syrup, and make sure that No other ingredients are in it. Also, make sure that you are not allergic to it. The Nutrients of Maple Syrup are:
– Manganese (good amount)
– Zinc
– Carbohydrates
– Natural Sugar
– Disaccharides
– Potassium
– Calcium
– Iron

If you are trying to loose weight or trying to get rid of yeast infection, then we recommend to stay away from any kind of sweetener. The Health Benefits of Maple Syrup are:
– Antioxidant protection
– Protects from free radicals
– Supports Good Heart Health
– Helps Prevent Atherosclerosis
– Improves Good Cholesterol
– Protects from bad cholesterol
– Improves Immune System
– Reduces Risk of Prostate Cancer
– Improves Reproductive Health