Jackfruit Nutrients and Benefits

Green Unripe JackfruitJackfruit or sometimes spelled Jakfruit, is the largest or one of the largest fruits that grow on trees in the whole world. Sometimes this Jackfruit fruit can grow up to 88 pounds depending on its specie. People use Jackfruit’s Flesh, Seeds, Leaves, and even the tree itself. Usually the young, unripe, and raw Jackfruit is not eaten by people, because it doesn’t taste good and it’s just not edible. If Jackfruit is too young then people have to cook it before eating it. Some people describe Jackfruit’s taste as Fibrous and Starchy. The Seeds of Jackfruit Fruit can be baked or boiled. Some people compare the Jackfruit’s Seeds Taste to the Chestnuts. The Leaves from Jackfruit people use for wrapping steamed Idlis (an Indian savory cake). The wood out of the Jackfruit Tree people use for either, furniture, doors, windows, roofs, musical instruments, and other construction uses. The Jackfruit itself looks like a little hedgehog animal, but in a bigger form. The ripened Jackfruit can be eaten raw and fresh. About one cup or 165 grams of Raw Jackfruit contains these Nutrients: Continue reading