Cherry Nutrients and Health Benefits

Sweet Cherries

I ate some cherries recently and at the same time I wanted to know what kind of Nutrients they contained. For some reason I assumed that I already had an article about Cherries, but the only article I found is How to get Cherry stain off Naturally. I was very surprised to find out that I didn’t have an article posted yet about Cherries. Cherry fruit is pretty popular around the world and I try to make sure that I have every popular fruit and/or vegetable included in GenuineAid blog.

The family of a Cherry is called Rosaceae and the Genus is Prunus. There are lots of species of the cherry. My article is going to be about the sweet cherry also know as Wild cherry, Sweet cherry, Gean, or botanically speaking Prunus Avium. In America I never heard anyone call the sour and the sweet cherries with their different names. In Russian language we always called the hard sweet Cherry as Черешня – Chereshnya, and the soft sour Cherry is called Вишня – Veeshnya. Personally, I never liked the sour Cherries, they are more acidic which is why they are much more sour than the sweet Cherry. At the same time, I just remembered that there is one dish that I really like made with sour Cherry, in Russian it’s called Вареники – Vareniki. It’s like dumplings, only instead of meat inside of the boiled dough, people put cleaned out sour cherries without the pits (or seeds). Continue reading

FoodFacts Review

food facts dot comDid you ever wonder if what you see on the Nutrition Facts Data Table, which is usually located on the back of food products, has everything, and I mean EVERYTHING that it is suppose to have? Well, many people do, and you probably do too, since I just brought up this topic. You probably also know that internet is full of junk websites that are full of adds and commercials, or websites that are full of Lies because they are just trying to sell you something. At the same time you can still find awesome, real, honest, helpful, and unique websites. But to find them you either need to spend lots of you own precious time searching for them or you need someone to recommend them to you. Well, we are going to recommend an awesome, real, honest, helpful, and unique website to you right now. FoodFacts.COM Yep, that is the website that you should browse through, because it can really help you see what is really in the Nutrition Facts Data Table of those food groceries that you buy very often at a usual grocery store. Also, FoodFacts provides an exhaustive research of many ingredients for lots of different every day foods, just click on Ingredient Glossary Button in your Tool Panel after you log in. If you have any food allergies and sensitivities then you should most definitely go and see how this Website can really help you choose the right foods faster and easier, at the same time it can help you learn from which foods you should stay away from to prevent any health problems that may come up from eating or drinking the ingredients that you weren’t suppose to. Before you jump in and try searching for some of the items and not find them, I’ll just tell you right now, they do not provide every food in the world and in every single store in United States, that would be impossible, but they still provide you with extremely huge database of many other foods that you see in stores and probably buy from time to time. After you log in and do a search with that very top search tool, you will see that on the left side there is a little sign with a message “Contains items from your avoid list:” and then it lists the items that you chose to avoid when you first opened your account with Another good reason to use this site because lets say you are making a shopping list for a recipe or just to stack up your refrigerator, but you want to know right NOW what some of those items contain in them, well… :) you got that right, FoodFacts.COM is where you should go right away. There are lots more of other fun and useful things that this website provides us with, so I’d recommend to go and check it out for yourself, I believe you’ll love it.