Pear Nutrients and Health Benefits

Pears in BasketPear fruit is pretty popular throughout the world. Its Scientific Genus name is Pyrus and there are about 30 different species. This year our Pear tree bloomed with lots of beautiful white flowers, but when I came up to smell them I was surprised. The beautiful white flowers on our pear tree smelled like crap, seriously, they smelled like poop. Another weird thing about our Pear tree is that it’s blooming and growing just fine even better than before, while our apple, apricot, and plum trees are suffering from some kind of a problem. Many people claimed that for the last two years this problem is either nation-wide in USA or even world-wide. Some say it’s because of frost and some say it’s because of the disappearance of bees. I think it’s both of those issues plus something that we probably don’t know about yet.

It’s very interesting how people prefer to eat pears at different ripening times. Some like to eat pears when they are fully ripened which is when they are very yellow, very sweet, juicy, and pretty soft. I like to eat pears when they are still green, pretty sweet, not very juicy, and pretty hard. Have you noticed how the seeds in pears taste yummier than in apples? I did… I like that the seeds are kind of sour and easy to chew, because seeds are very important for our health boost and for preventing/curing cancer. Also, as a reminder this is an updated post for my earlier Pears Nutrients and Benefits article post.

One Raw Medium Pear can contain these Nutrients: Continue reading

Pears Nutrients and Benefits

pearUntil you do the research on any fruit don’t jump to conclusions. For instance check out this Pear fruit details, it is amazing what God created in this fruit. Not only are the pears tasting great, they are extremely good for your health. Here is what a normal sized pear that is consumed on a regular everyday basis can do for you:

– Promote Cardiovascular and Colon Health
– protect cells in the body from oxygen-related damage
– Protect from Free Radicals
– fight infections
– kills many bacteria
– kills viruses
– lower cholesterol levels
– Protect against Postmenopausal Breast Cancer
– it is Hypo-Allergenic fruit
– Protect against Macular Degeneration
– support vision health

and here is the important nutrients and Vitamins it uses to help you, and there is more than what this list has, I just decided to show you the ones that are in larger amounts…

– Dietary Fiber
– Vitamin C
– Copper
– Vitamin K
– Carbohydrates
– water
– Vitamin A
– Vitamin E
– Folate
– Magnesium
– Phosphorus
– Potassium
– citric acid
– malic acid

So, yeah, please try adding this fruit to your diet, and thank you :)

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