Goat Meat Delicious Recipe

Goat Meat RecipeToday I would like to share my delicious and unique recipe for Goat Meat. Why Goat Meat and not some other kind of meat? Well, let’s say it is the healthiest or one of the most healthiest meats out there. Also, I got it from a good local farmer that doesn’t use any deadly chemicals on his animals. The recipe that used on this Goat Meat can actually be used for any kind of meat. I love using this kind of recipe with the ingredients that you’ll see below, because it just tastes really good, smells really good, and makes me feel better about what I’m eating, because I know how I cooked it. Continue reading

Bell Peppers Nutrients and Benefits

bell peppersIn this writing we’ll introduce you to red, yellow, orange, green, purple, brown and even black bell peppers. I don’t know if you can taste the difference between their colors, but many people do, my favorite bell pepper is the red one. You can use bell peppers for very nice flavorful salads, soups and pretty much almost any dish could use them, the problem usually comes to, the money to get them. Anyway, here is the important list of nutrients in raw one cup of bell peppers:
– Lots of Vitamin A
– Vitamin B1, thiamin
– Vitamin E
– Lots of Vitamin C
– Vitamin K
– Vitamin B6, pyridoxine
– Dietary Fiber
– Molybdenum
– Manganese
– Folate
– Potassium
– Tryptophan
– Copper
– Carbohydrates
– Water
– Calcium
– Chloride
– Phosphorus

These beautiful and colorful bell peppers are beautiful and colorful in benefits too:
– Protects Against Free Radicals
– Reduces risk of cardiovascular disease
– Lowers Cholesterol Levels
– Lowers Risk of Heart Attack
– Lowers Risk of stroke
– Promotes good heart health
– Lowers Risk of Prostate Cancer
– Lowers Risk of Cervix Cancer
– Lowers Risk of Bladder Cancer
– Lowers Risk of Pancreas Cancer
– Promotes Optimal Health
– Promotes Lung Health
– Lowers Risk of Lung Cancer
– Promotes Eyesight
– Protects against Rheumatoid Arthritis