Eucaliptus Oil Product Information

Eucalyptus OilEucalyptus Oil has many uses and benefits for our well being. To find out more just click on the picture.

Quick Overview of Eucalyptus Oil:
– 100% Pure Pharmaceutical-Grade Eucalyptus Oil
– Greater than 81% Cineole 4fl oz

Product Description:
– One of the most essential oils you can keep on hand! Of all the essential oils, eucalyptus is one of the top three you should keep in your home health kit, because it helps with so many common health problems—especially colds and respiratory ailments.
Long ago, eucalyptus users rolled the plant’s dried leaves into cigars and smoked them to gain its benefits! Now the oil is distilled from the leaves of native Australian eucalyptus trees for much easier and more pleasant ways to enjoy its healthful effects.
Beeyoutiful’s eucalyptus oil contains almost 30% more cineole (the healing component—also called eucalyptol) than British standards require (USFDA doesn’t set a standard) for medicinal use. This is what packs the punch against germs, congestion and inflammation. And in the presence of cineole, parasites move out of the way, too.

– Important: Because eucalyptus oil is so potent, it should Not be used on infants or small children. Pregnant and nursing mothers should also avoid it since the oil readily soaks through the skin and into the blood stream. Steam inhalation should be avoided by those with heart or central nervous system conditions. Undiluted eucalyptus oil should never be ingested—even small amounts such as a teaspoon’s worth are harmful. Although it is safe to use diluted eucalyptus oil as a gargle only, eucalyptus oil should never be swallowed. To avoid skin burns, always dilute eucalyptus oil with a carrier such as olive, almond, or grape-seed oil. If you are taking other drugs, eucalyptus oil may weaken their effect because of how it detoxifies the body.

– Warning: Direct skin contact with Eucalyptus essential oil can cause minor burns. For external use only. Keep out of reach of Children.

– Manufactured in the USA.

– To Buy This Eucalyptus Oil just search the Amazon website. Also, Please consult your trusted healthcare practitioner for advice and recommendations before you buy this product.