How to Hang, Mud, Sand, Primer, and Paint Sheetrock

Tools for Mudding, Sanding, Primering, and Painting.

– Sheetrock hanging step will be before mudding of course.
– Make sure to measure twice and to double check what you do before actually cutting the Sheetrock.
– Cut carefully and patiently the first pass, then you can speed up on the next two cutting passes for each cut on all of your Sheetrock.
– After cutting one side of the Sheetrock then snap and fold it and cut of the remaining side.
– I recommend getting a sheetrock/wallboard hanging lift for the ceilings especially, you can find them online for under two hundred bucks.. I did.
– In some or many spots you’ll need someone’s help in either lifting or holding the Sheetrock.
– Hang the Sheetrock on ceilings first and then on walls.
– On ceilings keep the screws 12″ apart and in each beam, but on walls keep the screws 16″ apart and in each stud.
– Make sure to Get the crews into the studs and that they are long enough.
– Don’t ever use nails for hanging Sheetrock, it will come loose and crack or fall.
– Less cuts and joints = less tape and mud.
– Use common sense. Don’t have it? Then read the Holy Bible and ask God for it. The whole remodeling process is a good patience test, pray, ask God to help you, don’t try to do it on your own. If you’ll somehow hurt yourself, please try not to cuss everything and everyone out, it won’t help. Be patient and take your time, and don’t forget to take breaks, believe me they help to reboot your strength. Continue reading