Review of Penne Di Pollo Alla Toscana in Mercato Ristorante

Penne Di Pollo Alla Toscana in Mercato RistoranteOn May 18th of 2010 my family and I went to this Awesome Italian Restaurant called Mercato Ristorante, which is located in Downtown of Olympia in Washington State. This Mercato Restaurant looked good on the outside and on the inside. Their menu looked good and tempting :) Pretty much anything that is cooked with Italian style is very delicious and yummy. Anyway, I usually like to try the Chicken Alfredo in all Italian Restaurants. So, I found this choice on their menu that resembled the most my favorite Italian dish of Chicken Alfredo. Their Menu Choice is called PENNE DI POLLO ALLA TOSCANA, the penne tossed with sauteed chicken breast and sun-dried tomatoes in a white wine cream sauce. Hmm… that sounds so good, makes me want to go back there and get it again :) I found this Penne Di Pollo Alla Toscana Menu Choice in their Pasta Category of their Menu. Continue reading