Dangers of High Fructose Corn Syrup – HFCS

hfcsHigh Fructose Corn Syrup is a very sneaky and silent killer, it can also be called fructose, or Corn Syrup, or Corn Starch, or HFCS. High Fructose Corn Syrup is an extremely refined liquid that is obtained from the corn starch. Big companies that use it really like it because it is a very cheap sweetener and it has a very long shelf life. Hmmm… that really looks like somebody is really into money and they don’t even care about your health issues. The Products that can contain High Fructose Corn Syrup are:
- Juices
- Candies
- Cookies
- Soft drinks (pop, sodas)
- Gums
- Cakes
- Sweets
- Ice Cream
- Sauces
- Salad Dressings
- Chips
- Junk Food
- Cereals
- Cough Syrups
- Soups
- Jams

Next you go shopping for anything just make sure to read the ingredients part on the label. The Dangers, Threats, and Hazards of eating or drinking HFCS are:
- Obesity
- Overweight
- Cancer
- Destruction of the immune system
- Risk of Diabetes
- Makes you think that you are hungry
- Increases Bad Cholesterol Levels
- Risk of Heart Diseases

I also found this article that supports my negative point of view on HFCS and it is called High Fructose Corn Syrup will kill you.

Parsley Nutrients and Benefits

parsleyFresh Organic Parsley is a very good and pleasant smelling herb. Cilantro looks a lot like Parsley, but it smells totally different. Parsley Herb can be used in many different dishes as a seasoning. About two table spoons of fresh parsley has these kinds of nutrients:
- Vitamin A
- Vitamin C
- Lots of Vitamin K
- Folate
- Iron
- Water
- Calcium
- Phosphorus
- Potassium
- Amino Acids

We recommend to use fresh cut parsley because the dry parsley does not have as much effect and smell. From good fresh parsley you could get these kinds of healthy benefits:
- promotes optimal health
- an anti-oxidant herb
- protects from free radicals
- helps protect from atherosclerosis
- helps protect from colon cancer
- helps protect from diabetes
- helps protect from asthma
- an anti-inflammatory herb
- helps protect from Osteoarthritis
- helps protect from rheumatoid arthritis
- helps protect from colds
- helps protect from ear infections
- promotes healthy immune system
- promotes healthy heart

Fresh parsley can be added to these foods to make them smell and taste better, these foods are: salads, fish dishes, sauces, soups, and pesto.