Strawberries Nutrients and Health Benefits

StrawberriesSince I pretty much have all or most of the popular fruits, vegetables, nuts, and meats in my blog collection, I decided to update some of the very first ones. My earlier article posts weren’t as detailed, full, and interesting as newer ones. The reason for that is because I’m noticing that I got some more and some better experience in writing about the Nutrients and Health Benefits of different kinds of foods. So, this article is going to be an update of my older article post about Strawberries Nutrients and Benefits. Only I’ll give this article a little bit different title, let’s call it Strawberries Nutrients and Health Benefits.

Did you know that Strawberries are not really considered as berries? It’s because the red yummy part of the strawberry is called a Receptacle. Botanically speaking, Receptacle is the thick part of a stem from which flower’s organs grow, but in the strawberries the Receptacle gives the rise to the red edible part. The seeds of the Strawberry are called Achenes. Achenes are a type of a simple dry fruit. In other words, Strawberries are considered as an Aggregate Accessory Fruit. Continue reading

Home Made Strawberry Shake

Strawberry Milk ShakeToday it is an very nice sunny day here in Spokane Washington and I am thinking of making some more of the Strawberry Shakes that I made recently. For the last few days it was pretty rainy here in Spokane, but today it’s like, Wow! So, the way I made my Strawberry Shake recently was like this. I pour some healthy natural milk into a blender’s Glass Container, about 3/4 of space of that whole container. If you would like to see the Nutrients and Health Benefits of Cow’s Milk, then go here Cow Milk Nutrients and Benefits. Continue reading

Strawberries Nutrients and Benefits

strawberriesToday we’ll let you know about this very healthy, sweet and sour fruit called Strawberry. When you are ready to eat it make sure that you washed it really good and before even buying it please make sure to get fresh and organic strawberries. You can make shakes or some awesome fruit salads with the strawberries. This healthy fruit is very good for your health and your body because it has these healthy ingredients:

Vitamin C
Vitamin B2 – Riboflavin
Vitamin B5 – Pantothenic
Vitamin B6 – Pyridoxine
Vitamin K
Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Also, the strawberry fruit is really good for your health because of these reasons:

– helps protect cell structures
– prevent oxygen damage
– supports your heart
– help prevent rheumatoid
– help prevent Osteoarthritis
– help prevent asthma
– help prevent atherosclerosis
– help prevent cancer
– help prevent many inflammations
– promotes your vision

So, go ahead and enjoy some fresh, juicy, organic, deep red and healthy Strawberries, but don’t forget to be careful if you are allergic to them, then you may want to stay away from them until you’ll fix your allergy problem.

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