Perfect and Healthy Fruit and Nut Bar

perfect food barToday we would like to introduce you to a very healthy and very tasty Perfect Fruit and Nut Bar or “Perfect Foods Bar”.

Quick Overview of Perfect Food Bar with Fruits and Nuts:
– One Bar 2.7 oz. or
– Box of Twelve Single Bars

– Peanut butter
– raw unheated pollinated honey
– milk protein
– dried egg protein
– raisins
– walnuts
– rice
– sunflower seeds
– sesame seeds
– bran
– tomato powder
– rice polishing
– alfalfa
– egg shell
– pineapple
– papaya
– apple
– fig
– prune
– orange
– lemon
– bell pepper
– grapefruit
– rosehips
– mint
– parsley
– kelp
– spinach
– papaya leaves
– dulse
– celery
– sea lettuce
– olive oil
– sunflower seed oil
– pumpkin seed oil
– rice oil
– lecithin

Product Description:
– Enjoy the innovative approach to consuming over 30 different high nutrient foods not readily available in today’s fast paced society.

– To Buy This Perfect and Healthy Fruit and Nut Bar just search the web. Also, Please consult your trusted healthcare practitioner for advice and recommendations before you buy this product.

Sunflower Seeds Nutrients and Benefits

sunflower seedsMany people love sunflower seeds and I do too, especially when you know how to cook them right, but since raw is healthier then I’m fine with eating raw seeds too. If you fry the seeds while they are still in their shells then that tastes so good, but make sure not to burn them, keep stirring them, and fry them dry, just lightly. Anyway, here is the reason raw is better:
– Vitamin A
– Vitamin B5, Pantothenic Acid
– Vitamin B3, Niacin
– Lots of Vitamin E
– Lots of Vitamin B1, Thiamin
– Manganese
– Magnesium
– Copper
– Tryptophan
– Selenium
– Phosphorus
– Folate
– Carbohydrates
– Protein
– Dietary Fiber
– Natural Fats
– Calcium
– Iron
– Potassium
– Omega 3 fatty Acids
– Omega 6 fatty Acids

and more of other good and healthy stuff but in smaller amounts. Then there is benefits list following, ofcourse…
– supports cardiovascular health
– prevents inflammations
– helps prevent asthma
– helps prevent Osteoarthritis
– helps prevent rheumatoid arthritis
– protects from free radicals
– reduces diabetic problems
– lowers cholesterol
– decreases risk of cancers
– lowers high blood pressure
– reduces risk of heart attack
– reduces risk of stroke
– helps prevent migraine headaches
– helps with detoxification

Cilantro Pesto Recipe

cilantroDid you know that your body has lots of toxic metals and many of you don’t know even know that but keep having weird headaches, pains and skin eating rashes. Many of your dishes and kitchen tools have lead in them, especially the colored ones, and yes the lead somehow leaches into the food and then you eat it and then you get sick. Did you know that some people got rid of epileptic seizures with this healthy dip that I’m going to tell you about. You will have to do your own search on how to find out if your dishes,  kitchen tools, or even kids toys have lead in it or not. This Cilantro Chelation Pesto Dip tastes great and some people begin to see good results within one day, because it really does help you to detoxify and prevent heavy metals from your body. Here is the recipe:

  • 4 cloves of garlic (we did 5)
  • 1/3 cup of brazil nuts
  • 1/3 cup of sunflower seeds
  • 1/3 pumpkin seeds
  • 2 cups of packed fresh cilantro
  • 2/3 cup of flaxseed oil
  • 4 tablespoons of lemon juice
  • 2 teaspoons of dulse powder
  • and some sea salt added to your taste

Put cilantro and flaxseed oil in a blender and blend it until the coriander is chopped up. Then add everything else except the sea salt, and blend all of this until it is all turned into a paste. Then you can add some sea salt to make it taste good enough for you and blend that again. You should store this pesto in dark glass jars, and you can freeze enough of it to last through the year. You don’t have to believe me, but if you or your children have weird diseases and rashes, then I would try this pesto first before going to the doctor and getting something useless and dangerous from them. This Cilantro Chelation Pesto has important vitamins and ingredients to support your bodies immune system and to clean your body out from bad toxics within a short period of time. I recommend you try it, it tastes great on a toasted good healthy bread, and it’s extremely good for you.