Free Multiplication Printable Table

Preview of a Free Multiplication Printable Table.It’s time for one of my kids to learn and remember the multiplication table, so I checked the internet for something good, free, and printable, but I couldn’t find anything right away. The ones I’ve found I just didn’t really feel satisfied with. So, I decided to make a Free Multiplication Printable Table myself for my kids to use. At the same time I decided to let my Blog visitors Download one for free. The image in this article is a preview image of the actual full page multiplication table. Just click on that preview image and you’ll be taken to the actual full printable multiplication table. I made it to be 300 ppi, so the quality is just perfect, you can even print it on a photo paper and it will look clean and beautiful. The colors I used for this table are not just some random ones from the top of my head, these are actually from some specific 12-color wheel. But I added 50% of white on top of those colors so the printer wouldn’t use too much ink. Also, here is a PDF Version. Continue reading