Fresh Salad Recipe with Parsley

Finished Fresh Parsley Salad
If you sometimes run out of ideas for salads, then this could be helpful at times like that. Here is a quick and simple recipe for a fresh vegetable salad with parsley herb. You can make this salads the way you want too, you can put the vegetables in the order you like. You can even add more of the vegetables that you might like or you can take some out of the list. First of all you’ll need a Mixing Bowl that you like to use for making salads in. Then make sure you have a cutting board ready. A clean and sharp knife is going to be needed also. At the same time it would really be more easy and much faster if you would have a simple vegetable slicer. At the bottom of this Recipe Article I will provide you with a link where you can go and buy the best or one of the best slicers in the world, it is made in Germany. Continue reading

Tomatoes Nutrients and Benefits

tomatoesA Tomato is a great vegetable to put in salads, sandwiches and sauces. Please try buying organic tomatoes and tomato juices to get the most of Lycopene – a very important anti-cancer ingredient. An average tomato vegetable holds these kind of vitamins and nutrients:

– Vitamin A
– Vitamin B1 – Thiamin
– Vitamin B2 – Riboflavin
– Vitamin B3 – Niacin
– Vitamin B5 – Pantothenic acid
– Vitamin B6 – Pyridoxine
– Vitamin C
– Vitamin K
– Vitamin E
– Molybdenum
– Potassium
– Manganese
– Dietary Fiber
– Chromium
– Folate
– Copper
– Magnesium
– Iron
– Phosphorus
– Tryptophan
– Protein

Because of these Vitamins and Nutrients in a tomato you are able to get these important and healthy benefits:

– it is an important antioxidant
– prevents from different kinds of cancer
– supports good colon health
– reduces the risk of prostate cancer
– reduces the risk of a very deadly cancer called “Pancreatic Cancer”
– promotes optimal health
– reduces the risk of heart disease
– lowers cholesterol levels
– reduces blood-clotting possibilities
– helps protect against cardiovascular disease
– it is an anti-inflammatory vegetable
– supports bone health
– decreases stress
– reduces the frequency of migraines
– helps diabetics keep their blood sugar levels normal