Wasabi Root Nutrients and Health Benefits

Wasabi Root.Many people are used to seeing wasabi in a form of a green paste and usually by sushi dishes. But in real life Wasabi is pretty much another Vegetable plant that is also known as Japanese Horseradish, or Wasabia Japonica, or Cochlearia wasabi, or Eutrema japonica. Wasabi is a member of the Brassicaceae family, in other words, it’s in the same family as Mustard, Horseradish, and Cabbage. Typically Wasabi is used as a condiment, especially for sushi and/or rice. Since it’s pretty difficult and expensive to grow and keep wasabi plants, people began to make a very similar tasting product called Western Wasabi which consists of Western Horseradish, Mustard, and Green Food Coloring.

Usually people can buy the Wasabi roots, Wasabi leaves, or Wasabi paste. The root should normally be grated, ground, or sliced before consuming it. When you decide to enjoy some of the Wasabi Paste with your sushi or other foods, then make sure that you don’t wait for too long before eating it because the flavor of Wasabi in Wasabi paste begins to evaporate after about 15 minutes. Also, remember to take just a little at a time of Wasabi Paste into your mouth, because if you take too much then you’ll feel it burn your tongue and maybe your nose. Continue reading

Ginger Asian Bistro & Sushi Bar Restaurant Review

Ginger Asian Restaurant & Sushi Bar RestaurantRecently I went to Ginger Restaurant in Spokane WA to try some of their sushi, and it was delicious. Ginger Asian Bistro & Sushi Bar is one of the finest and authentic Asian Cuisines that are available in Spokane. They provide Lunch, Dinner, and Special Occasion Services. Ginger Asian Bistro Restaurant is located on the South Hill in Spokane, near by Grand Boulevard and 13th Avenue. I recommend this Asian Restaurant for you to try because their food is very delicious with mouth-watering flavors. When I went in we tried some of their sushi, Tiger’s Eye, Alaska Roll, and some other ones I can’t remember their names. The Tiger’s Eye Sushi Roll consists of Salmon, Cream Cheese, and Avocado. The Alaska Roll Sushi consists of Baked Salmon and Crab, and of Asparagus and Avocado. Continue reading