Fish Caviar Recipe

Preview of Red and Black Caviar.
Are you crazy about Fish Caviar? Are you sick and tired of their prices? Do you want to make your own Caviar at home and by yourself? Well then, you came to the right place. After doing some research I tried making my own Caviar, and it was so insanely easy. First of all, no cooking or boiling is needed. The fish eggs are so delicate, tender, and fragile which makes it easy to make them at the same time. So, how is it easy to make them if they are so delicate? Since they are so tender and fragile, the salt and the hot water from your faucet will literally cook them right before your eyes. By the way, I only made Caviar which came from White Fish. Writing this Caviar Recipe is making me drool :) So get ready to spend about an hour and let’s begin…

– Prepare a deep bowl of cold water and dump some ice in it, from now on we’ll call it Ice Cold Water. For this recipe let’s use a bowl which fits about 4 cups of water. Note that on the picture I used a much bigger bowl because this was my first time making it, but then I realized that I didn’t have to use as much water as I did.
Ice Cold Water


– Prepare a deep bowl of cold water and dissolve about a 1/4 of a cup of salt in it. We’ll call this bowl the Salted Water and let’s make it a bowl of 4 cups also. Make sure that the caviar you are about to make will fit into that bowl. For this recipe I was making about a cup or less of caviar.
Salted Water


– Also, after I finished making this Fish Caviar Recipe, I realized that I could dump and keep all of the fish eggs in the Metal Mesh Sieve through all of the steps which will make the things much easier for you. On the picture you see that I dumped the fish eggs into the bowl of Salted Water, but I don’t recommend doing that. You should take the Metal Mesh Sieve and put the fish eggs in it, and then carefully lower it into the Salted Water. Then, put that bowl with fish eggs into the refrigerator for 20 minutes.
Fish Eggs in Salted Water


– After 20 minutes have passed, take the Metal Mesh Sieve out of the Salted Water, but don’t get rid of the Salted Water yet because we’ll still use it one more time. Go to your sink and make the hot water pour out of your faucet, as hot as you can without burning yourself. Now, gently take one of the roe sacks that have the fish eggs attached to it and gently rinse it and shake of the eggs from it into that Metal Mesh Sieve.

– When you are finished rinsing the fish eggs and got rid of the roe sacks which held the eggs together, you can carefully put that Metal Mesh Sieve with the eggs in it into the Ice Cold Water. If you want you can gently shake the Metal Mesh Sieve so that the eggs get rinsed in cold water properly. Leave the eggs sitting in that cold water for 5 minutes.
Fish Eggs Rinsing


– After those 5 minutes have passed, transfer that Metal Mesh Sieve with those eggs from the Ice Cold Water to the Salted Water again. Put the Salted Water bowl with the eggs in it into the refrigerator for 15 or 20 minutes. I’d recommend trying 15 minutes, because when I held it for 20 minutes the eggs seemed a little too salty.

– After these last 20 or 15 minutes, you can dump the Salty and the Ice Cold Water out and use of their empty bowls to drain the eggs. Just leave the Metal Mesh Sieve on top of an empty bowl draining the eggs for about 15 minutes.
Fish Eggs Draining


– When the last 15 minutes of draining have past by, get a clean glass dish or container and dump your Home-Made Caviar into it.


You can enjoy your Caviar immediately, otherwise you can store up to 3 weeks. Keep in mind that the longer you keep the Caviar the more it looses its quality and that perfect taste.
Caviar on a Bread with Cream Cheese


Thank you for reading my Fish Caviar Recipe, feel free to share it with your friends on Twitter or Facebook. Also, if you don’t have the Fish Eggs to make your own Caviar, then here are some Caviar products below which are available online ;)

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